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yay for writer's block?

okay, so, sandwiches?

(THERE HAS BEEN some talk about people sandwiches, which I think is a delightful p.c. term for threesomes. Also: no hard French pronunciation!) also: Grass/Me/Stars? Headphone/Head/Headphone?
(To start: as the vegetarian of my group, anything I bring is viewed with intense suspicion, especially if it is green. Or lumpy. It's a problem.)

Reading the responses to this Writer's Block is interesting.
There was the girl who talked LiK3 tH1s, which kind of made history cause I've never seen that kind of thing on LJ before...
and the girl who said her sandwich was "lots of peanut butter and chocolate chips, but with wheat, because white is SO BAD for you." Unlike the ever-so-healthy peanut butter and chocolate, right? ...

er. I need to go do homework now.

also: yay! Interview with aquarium acquired! Take that, Cesspit!*

*joke! I harbor absolutely no ill will against CSSSA, the writing camp that rejected me; it worked out for the better anywho. :)
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Oh classmates. why do you reject my fabulous schemes of lameness and public humiliation in skit form,M1

pages 100-102
er, this is an extremely lame bit of fluff i wrote in spanish. because i felt romeo and juliet had some distinctly potter tones to it. (oh that shakespeare, trying to make off with jk rowling's work; thinks he can get away with it just cause he's 500 years older than her) so i readapted a scene from romeo and juliet to... well. :) the lines are kinda sorta supposed to match up.
REMUS/ BENVOLIO (hehe taken a bit from shoebox for its fabulosity)
whoops capslock.

(Snape is looking for James outside the Gryffindor portrait.
He sits, looking livid, and twitching a tiny bit, takes out a book.
James and Sirius prance on stage, happy)

SIRIUS: Could you look a little more eager to read The Third Manifesto on Being Freakish and Creepy?
(Snape looks up)
Hey, his facial expression changed! James, help me out here. I can't tell if he's constipated or angry. What do you think? (tilts head thoughtfully)

SNAPE: (quietly mumbling) Go away. I didn't do anything.

SIRIUS: (cheerfully) Wrongity wrong wrong wrong! You (prods) blinded me with the greasy sheen on your hair.
Sun hits it, blinds me--makes me squinty. No one likes a squinty noggin.
I could trim your locks-- just around the ears a little? (waves wand)

SNAPE: (stands suddenly) You shouldn't have done that.

JAMES: (obnoxiously) Pads, I know you love Snape, but you have to learn to let go. Down, boy. (winks)

SIRIUS: (barks) Only because he's so fun to play with!

(Sirius and Snape start hurling curses at each other. Destruction: It happens. James becomes worried.)

JAMES: Pads! Stop! (desperately, but still joking a little) Snape, Lily wouldn't want you defiling her very favorite corridor!

SNAPE: Don't even-- shut up! Shut--up!

JAMES: (calling offstage) Moony! Help me! They're going to hurt each other! DUMBLEDORE IS GOING TO SET

SIRIUS: (turns towards James, laughing-- Snape throws a curse at him, then looks horrified and runs. Sirius
lays bleeding from his side on the floor.)
Gryffindor and Slytherin-- both houses are thoroughly buggered now, eh? McGonagall's gonna
dock us at least four billion of those red things. Hey, Prongs, guess what? I took your fight. I owe you one. (Nurse Pomfrey approaches) So you can (breathes deeply) take on Pomfrey for me. You're welcome. Next time (heaves) don't distract me with tender words of Dumbledore's beauty.
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I translated my Spanish homework back to English on Babelfish *facepalm*

Monday I open my store of the plants for the house. It is a front of Mafia for concealment the activities ilicito. Tuesday I am going to touch "frances spins a top" Wednesday I wear a comico hat. Thursday I call the President and make a question to. I will ask to him, "its refrigerator runs" Friday I to make the suitcase and leave to go to Narnia. Sabado I go to the medico for my brain is the mutant. Sunday I write all the prime numbers.
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if i was deaf, i'd find a way to put music directly into my brain,

because I can't imagine living without this everchanging soundtrack!
oh my god I am IN LOVE WITH MIKA!

err it's actually factually thanksgiving now huh?
I'm thankful for you. And you. And you. And you. And everything in my life right now and past and future.
I'm getting all sappy, but then again you would be too if you were listening to Happy Ending.
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so tonight Mum was singing christmas carols, and I was like, "Whaaaat?"

it was sort of weird.

la la la la la la!
I love being on buses at nighttime. Especially marching band buses, with berets waving and moths in the bus and Derrick doing his Gollum/Smeagul impression and Christian sitting next to my mellophone because he's just that nice and Hendo yelling and windows down and awesome.

Mmm. Pumpkin.
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(no subject)

Wow. Um. Heeeee!!


BROTHERHOOD2.0! augh augh augh yay!
okay. Sorry. This makes no sense to anyone but me, probably.
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from the harry potter lexicon... which is fun magic, yall. :P

In the films, Lucius Malfoy is played to the hilt by Jason Isaacs.

"I get there and I say 'Can I have a cane with a wand inside it? Can I have a cape? Do you think I could have a belt with a snake's head on it? Do you think I can blast that wall and it blows open and I walk through it?' It's absurd a man of my age doing that stuff." --Jason Isaacs, London Theatre Guide interview, February 14, 2007

SF Chronicle: . . . Were you surprised by how much your Harry Potter character took off? People love Lucius Malfoy.
Isaacs: People always love the bad guys. And Lucius is rather delicious. He delights in his power, and the audience delights in his delight. Also, when you've built someone up to be so unbelievably supercilious and arrogant, there's pleasure in seeing him humiliated and brought down a peg or two.
SF Chronicle: Plus he's pretty.
Isaacs: I like to think so. When I have my costume on, I imagine myself to be this great supermodel beauty. And then I see this hideous old man in a wig.
SF Chronicle: Oh, no, no, no. Just no. The campy villains you play -- the Captain Hooks and the Lucius Malfoys ...
Isaacs: They're half a step away from drag queens, let's face it.
--Jason Isaacs and Neva Chonin, "Oh, Brother -- It's Isaacs," San Francisco Chronicle, September 3, 2006

This makes me so very very very happy. Ahahahaha.
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